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Abby Johnson thought she knew what mercy was when she ushered desperate women toward abortion as the director of a Planned Parenthood facility. She was wrong. It wasn't until she understood the blood on her hands that she personally experienced the power of God's fierce yet tender mercy to transform her life. But she never imagined what could happen once she allowed that very mercy to infiltrate her life and spill out into a hurting world.

In Fierce Mercy, Abby calls you to experience a transformation of your own. Against the backdrop of her first decade involved in the pro-life movement, Abby helps you discover God's unrestrained mercy at work in your own life and take steps toward becoming a channel of that life-changing mercy in the world around you. She shows you how to model God's mercy, freely offer mercy to those who seem undeserving, respond with mercy when others err or offend, and bear witness to God's unrestrained compassion so that others may know him.

This is Abby's challenge to you: dare to do what is hard, what is right, and what is good. And do all of it in love.

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Author, latest, Fierce Mercy (Baker Books, 2022) Founder, ProLove Ministries, as well as And Then There Were None in 2012, a ministry to help abortion clinic workers transition out of the industry Outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement, speaking around the globe to educate the public on pro-life issues and reaching current abortion workers Her story was made into the 2019 film, Unplanned B.S. Psychology, Texas A&M, M.A. Counseling, Sam Houston University Married to Doug, eight children: Grace, Alex, Luke, Carter, Jude, Lucy, Maggie, and Fulton.

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