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Beauty in Battle is not just another marriage book - it’s a blueprint for how to energize your relationship, give you purpose, and draw you close to your spouse by turning the tension that divides you into energy that fuels you.

In these pages, Jason and Tori Benham share their story of how they turned conflict and quarrels into passion and purpose by leaning into their struggles rather than trying to avoid them. As a result, they discovered that fighting together drew them together.

Their message is clear - you don’t need to stop fighting; you need to start fighting … the right way.

When you and your spouse choose to no longer fight against each other in a personal battle but alongside one another in a spiritual war, the results are amazing as you begin to recognize your God-given purpose together.

In this book, the Benhams take you to a basketball court where a flirtatious stranger exposed a problem in their relationship. You’ll travel along with them on a cruise ship where a suitcase was flung across their room. They’ll invite you to a party where one of them (not mentioning names!) jumped across a kitchen island to punch someone in the face. They’ll even walk you into their master bedroom where God used a dream to reignite their passion for each other, and the three-step plan He gave them to get it back.

Laced with practical insights and easy-to-follow steps, Beauty in Battle will help you discover:

  • The number one relationship killer and how to stay away from it.
  • How to combat negative thinking toward your spouse.
  • The one key that will magnetize you to your spouse and your spouse to you.
  • How to win your love back when “you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.”
  • Why there was a wedding crasher at the first marriage in history and how he showed up at your wedding too.

We all fight. The question is, will you discover the beauty in battle? Beauty in Battle will help you do just that.

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About The Author

Jason and Tori

Co-authors, Beauty in Battle, (Benham Media, 2021) Jason: Best-known as one of the Benham Brothers, with twin, David / Co-founder of Benham Real Estate Group, 2003 / Co-host, Flip It Forward, famously cancelled by HGTV for the Benhams’ biblical view of homosexuality, 2014 / Co-owner, CrossFit gyms across NC / former minor league baseball player, Baltimore Orioles and St. Louis Cardinals / M.A. Christian Counseling Tori: certified emotional intelligence and enneagram coach / married 21 years, four children

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