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The Best Keith Green Songs of All Time

Hannah Goodwyn


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Unashamed, Keith Green pounded on his piano and blasted the mic with his Good News songs for hungry masses in the late '70s-early '80s. He's a legend in the Christian music industry who died too young in an airplane crash in 1982. Thirty-five years after his tragic death on July 28th, Green's songs are still relevant today.

Each of Green's songs are jam-packed with a biblically sound message, ministering faith to seekers and a holy shove to Christians to do God's work. Growing up, my personal faith journey included a healthy dose of Keith Green. More than just entertaining my family as we sang along with the tape while driving around in our Volkswagen bus, Keith Green's songs influenced my young faith.

Top 10 Keith Green Songs

Keith Green's legacy in music and the Christian community is astounding given his short time in ministry. He only had five years to share his message and music before his untimely death. In that time, Keith Green produced passionate songs that minister to some believers even today.

These 10 songs (listed in no particular order) embody Green's passion for telling people about his Jesus, including a few that showcase his talent at songwriting/composing, and others that convict the heart.

1. "You Put This Love in My Heart"

For Him Who Has Ears to Hear (1977)

One of Keith most notable tunes, "You Put This Love in My Heart" extols God's grace and mercy towards us. It's a testimonial of how the Lord changed his heart. It teaches that even in moments of doubt, God can breakthrough.

2. "When I Hear the Praises Start"

For Him Who Has Ears to Hear (1977)

The piano man pulled up to the keys and wrote this heart-melting song. It's a love song from the Lord to His children about the blessings and promises He wants fulfill in our lives.

3. "Make My Life a Prayer to You"

No Compromise (1978)

"Make My Life a Prayer to You" was one of Keith Green's most moving songs of devotion to God. It's simplistic in word and sound, yet still profound in that it strips all religious baggage away to reveal a heart steadfastly faithful to sharing God with others.

4. "Dear John Letter (to the Devil)"

No Compromise (1978)

This song is Keith Green's letter of rejection to the Devil. Jazzing up the ivories, Keith belts out this tune in defiance against an enemy who tries to get him into "the ways of the world". You'll find yourself singing along and tapping your feet; it's a fun way to put the Devil in his place.

5. "Asleep in the Light"

No Compromise (1978)

It's a plea to the church to walk out from within its four walls and minister God's peace and truth to a dying world. We grieve all of heaven by not sharing with those who are unaware of God's goodness. This song especially encompasses the heart of Keith Green in that it encourages and chides you all at the same time. It's a loving slap across the face, not to condemn you, but to wake you up.

6. "To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice"

No Compromise (1978)

Prophet Samuel asked this question, "What is more pleasing to the Lord, your burnt offerings and sacrifices or your obedience to His voice?" As recorded in I Samuel 15:22, the answer is what Keith Green sings in "To Obey is Better Than Sacrifice". God wants us to live obedient lives, not ones that offer Him superficial sacrifices.

7. "The Victor"

No Compromise (1978)

A perfect musical picture of Christ's resurrection, "The Victor" resonates deep within the soul, building faith in our risen King. With a powerful choir backing him, Keith Green declares the victory of Jesus Christ over sin and death.

8. "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful"

So You Wanna Go Back to Egypt (1980)

Still sung in churches across the globe, "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful" is probably the most recognizable song Keith Green ever penned.

9. "There Is a Redeemer"

Songs for the Shepherd (1982)

In the same vein as "Oh Lord, You're Beautiful", "There is a Redeemer" is Keith Green's declaration of God's sacrifice for us and his thankfulness for the Lord's gift of mercy.

10. "The Lord Is My Shepherd"

Songs for the Shepherd (1982)

Like David, Keith Green was a true psalmist of the 20th century. Straight from Psalm 23, this song captures the melody and passionate faith David and Keith had for the Shepherd.

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