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Melissa Anschutz Produces and Stars in "Lost Heart"

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Lost Heart

The movie “Lost Heart” tells the story of a Nashville music mega-star who hits bottom. Melissa plays the part of Hannah Sweet who is at a low point in her life and career. The movie opens with Hannah dressed up in a glamorous scene prepped for a photo shoot. Shockingly the shoot ends when she has a traumatic emotional breakdown, drink in hand. That ended the glamour shoot. She had hit rock bottom. Soon after her manager gave her some devastating news which started her on her way to healing. Her father had died and he said she should go home. Her career needed some repair so she needed to go home. That trip home began a time of facing and dealing with the trauma of her past. Coming home after decades away brought forth old memories, good and bad. Pastor Milo–played by Donnie Most (“Happy Days”)–met her and gave her a ride to her family’s home where she faced her father lying in state. Uppermost in her mind were the terrible memories of the abuse inflicted on her by her father. She met a stepbrother she didn’t know she had. This was also the first time she had seen her mother who left her. Victoria Jackson (“Saturday Night Live”) stars as her mother Alma who she hadn’t seen in 25 years. It was a rocky reunion. Confronting her and growing through their non-relationship was tough. While away her mom Alma had changed and come to faith in Christ. Faith had changed her father also. It was the key to a new life for them.

Melissa says the message of the film is Faith & Trust in HIM. That God has a plan for all of us and never leaves us. Jesus has kept HIS promise and prayers are answered, they just may not be answered in the timeframes we want them. It's about redemption, forgiveness, love and healing. When a person leans into Him they will find peace. Hannah lived very selfishly and she was checked for that on the porch with her Aunt. Her father had found redemption but she was not willing to accept it. It wasn't until she accepted that he had been forgiven, that she could forgive him and then finally forgive herself.  “What a beautiful world it would be if we always looked at what’s best for the people in front of us verse our own agenda,” she says. 

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Red carpet premiere on NOV 7 & 21, 2020   

Real Life

“Lost Heart” is a story of growing in God through pain and trial. As she dealt with her new movie, Melissa also had to deal with trials in her own life. “Lost Heart” wrapped filming in early September 2019, and the very next month she noticed a lump on her husband Stephen’s neck. Thinking it was an infection they put him on antibiotic. At the same time they found an A-typical lump in her right breast and planned a surgery to remove it. She had her lump removed. Later testing showed Stephen had cancer of the tonsil. They were devastated by this news. Two days later, Melissa was diagnosed with cancer also. Over the following months they each dealt with more surgeries and treatments. Dealing with surgeries and doctors’ appointments–for herself and for Stephen–eventually took a toll on Melissa’s tough warrior spirit. Eventually she grew weary and finally found rest when “this beautiful thing happened, and (I) finally let go.” She chose to “completely trust Jesus, even in the midst of my personal chaos!” When she let go, she saw the fullness of the Lord, of His light & His fullness. Stephen went to Jesus on Aug 28, 2020. Melissa and Stephen met when she was 18 & Stephen was 21 years old. They were best friends who spent a lifetime together. They have two sons.  

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