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Healed to Wear Western Style Shoes Again

Randy Rudder


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David Overbey was working for his local phone company 30 years ago when he suffered a bad fall. “Probably about three or four weeks I was out of work, both my feet healing,” he says. 

“I cut out on a pole. And what we call ‘cut out on a pole,’ is when you climb a pole with spikes. Sometimes your spikes come out and you go down – I landed flatfooted, and it broke both of my heel bones.”

Over the years, his feet problems got progressively worse. More issues followed with swelling, soreness, and gout. “During the course of the day walking, if I walked a lot, that would really be excruciating. For so many years I really couldn't walk down steps. When I did, I would hold on to the rail, you know, like an old man going down or up the stairs, and then when I tried to wear western-style boots or something, that would make the problem worse.”

Eventually, David could not even wear shoes. Doctors could only prescribe painkillers. “I never had anything that gave me very much – just temporary relief. Taking a pain pill or something like that would give me a little bit of relief. But, who wants to take pain pills?”

David grew up believing in healing and often had people pray for his feet. Then in July of 2020, he turned on The 700 Club. “Terry (Meeuwsen) had a Word of Knowledge, said there's somebody out there that's got feet problems.”

“Someone else, you have a problem with your feet,” Terry said. “There is no shoe that is comfortable for you. You’ve had other issues with growth on your feet that is not normal. God is healing all of that for you right now. You’re actually going to see your foot return from being deformed to looking normal. And you’re going to be able to wear the shoes of your choice.”
David remembers, “What really brought it home was, ‘You can't wear slip-on shoes or anything like that, because they hurt your feet.’ Well, that was me. So I said ‘I accept that in the name of Jesus Christ. That’s for me.' And then God healed my feet. It was immediate. I started moving around and everything. It was confirmed to me that God had healed me. I can wear anything that I couldn't wear before. I don’t have any pain in my feet – can walk and walk. I don’t have any problem."

David says believers need to embrace that God’s healing is for everyone. “My perspective has greatly changed because I realize now that God loves us. No matter what, God loves us. Once you really grab a hold of that – that God loves you, and all those promises in the Bible are for you – they're for you. And God does heal, and God does prosper, and God does save. God's pouring out His Spirit, and there's miracles all around us. God is doing a great and mighty thing with people that will accept Christ as their savior, be born again. God blesses us more than we can imagine.”


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Randy Rudder

Randy Rudder received an MFA in creative writing from the University of Memphis and taught college English and journalism for 15 years. At CBN, he’s produced over 150 testimony and music segments and two independent documentaries. He lives in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, with his wife, Clare, and daughter Abigail.