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Jonathan Cahn Unveils Mystery Behind Cultural Transformation

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In the days of the gods, they reigned over tribes and nations, infused people with their spirits, and mastered civilizations. Kings bowed to them, priests sang their praises, alters were built in their honor. They were worshipped and dreaded, but those days came to an end.

When the gospel went out from the city of Jerusalem it spread throughout the land of Judea. The message of God entered the lands of many gods and idols. The message of the gospel overcame the reign of the gods. “The spell of the gods was broken,” shares Jonathan.

Sexuality was now to be treated as a sacred gift from God, to be honored and kept in the equally sacred vessel of marriage. Children were no longer to be abused, mistreated, or sacrificed. Government could no longer claim the authority of godhood. The gods had been cast out of their temples, their cities, and lands from Western Civilization itself which represented the greatest mass exorcism in world history. The gods lost their hold, and the spirits departed. 


Western civilization was set free from the spirits and became a house set in order; a civilization cleansed, but the spirits still existed outside the borders of that civilization. They roamed the dry places, the desolate lands, they dwelled in the shadows. The only way the spirits and gods could come back or return to Western civilization is if the people turned away from God. Unfortunately, people did turn away from God and the gods returned, but they came back in disguise and took on new identities and new names. They came as spirits of enlightenment, freedom, and power. Today these gods inhabit our institutions, walk the halls of our governments, cast votes in legislatures, guide corporations, and teach in our universities. 


Jonathan shares, “Christianity brought about the casting out of gods from Western civilization…upon reentering they would seek to bring about the casting out of Christianity from Wester civilization.” The gods or spirits that have returned to America and Western civilization are the same gods that seduced ancient Israel. Below are the three most prominent gods that transformed ancient Israel and led to their fall from God:   

-The Possessor – Baal represented the nation’s turning away from God. His strategy is to separate the nation from the Word and the ways of God. In America, he did this by removing prayer from schools. By causing God’s ways to become alien to the nation’s children, he could cause the alienation of America from God.

-The Enchantress – also known as Mrs. Baal is referenced in the book of Judges. The two gods Baal and Ashtoreth or Ishtar are linked together. The Enchantress god represents the goddess of sexuality. She started the sexual revolution. The return of Ishtar to modern world weakened marriage. Sex became a god to be pursued. America became filled with pornography. Images that were once forbidden or taboo began to fill the movie screens. There was another side of Ishtar, another power and another agenda. She was a sorceress or the transformer – a god who changes man into woman and woman into man by altering human desire, identity, and nature itself. The Transformer takes the sexual revolution to a deeper level and transforms America and Western Civilization:

Stonewall – The goddess to modern culture returned in a way no other event had on June of 1969. The police raided a gay bar of Greenwich in New York City. Two hundred people were at the bar. Police began loadi some of the people at the raid into a van. During one of the arrests something took hold of the crowd who began taunting the police officers and hurling objects at them. It became so dangerous the police had to retreat into the bar fearing for their lives. The crowd even tried to charge the bar to get to the officers until help arrived. “The Stonewall riots” continued for days. What happened that night went beyond the human realm. Some important signs: A bar down from the bar was called the Lion’s Head – the same sign that in ancient times, represented the power of the goddess as she entered war. Also, on that night despite the fighting several began performing a dance – the Dance of Ishtar. 

Supreme court – It is no accident that Pride Month is in June. The goddess’s entrance and inauguration of her resurrected movement at Stonewall took place at the exact time ordained by the Mesopotamian calendar and the ancient mystery. The observations, celebrations, and Pride Parades were held around the end of June which was typically within a week or days from the summer solstice, the time of pagan celebration. Aside from Stonewall opening an ancient door there are three landmark cases in the United States Supreme Court which opened other doors: (1) The first door – legalization of homosexuality which happened in the summer – in the month of June; (2) The second door – overturning the defense of marriage took place on June 26, 2003 and (3) The third door – overturning of marriage which legalized same sex marriage across America took place toward the end of June. 

Rainbow – on the night that marriage was stuck down the sign of the goddess – the rainbow – lit up the Empire State Building, the waters of Niagara Falls, and the White House (the house which governs America). The power of metamorphosis belonged to Ishtar where she could transform a man into a woman and a woman into a man. She changed our nation’s priorities, values, and desires. “What the culture once rejected, it would now accept; and what it once accepted, it would now reject,” shares Jonathan.

The Destroyer – the most mysterious of the dark trinity is known as Molech. His name makes several appearances in scripture. For example, when King Solomon fell away from God, he built high places, altars, and sanctuaries for the foreign gods. One of them was Molech. He was the god associated with sacrifice of human beings, especially children by their parents. The abomination is a sign of a nation that has turned entirely against the ways of God and become lost to Him.


There is more to human events, to world history, and even to our own lives than we can imagine. “We are largely unaware of how the other realm is affecting our world and lives, reveals Jonathan. The disturbing transformations taking place in American culture and Western civilization reveals that something has possessed it or taken over it.

Jonathan says, “Modern culture, having turned away from God and to the gods is now marked by the same signs that once marked the ancient pagan world: purposelessness, emptiness, and hopelessness.” Do not be surprised because the mystery says, “A house that has emptied itself of God cannot remain empty. It will be seized and taken over by that which is not God. And when a civilization expels God from its midst, it never ends well.”

It is important for believers to remember you cannot stand against the gods and be serving them at the same time. You must renounce all gods and any hold they have in your life. There is only one antidote to the gods, only one power strong enough to overcome the gods and that is God. Interestingly, when this book was finished on June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade making abortion illegal on the Federal level, sending the issue back to the States who will now make the decision based on voters in their own state. 

Jonathan’s previous book, The Harbinger II, which came out in 2020, wrote of the Jubilee of abortion. Jubilee came once every fifty years in the Bible. Abortion began in the year 1970 in America. The fiftieth year after New York legalized abortion on demand came to its conclusion in 2020.

That same year death came to America in the form of a plague, COVID-19. America had taken life during the year of Jubilee, now life would be taken from America. Another interesting fact, the Supreme Court ruled to legalize abortion in 1973 and the decision was reversed in the Jubilee year of 2022. The Supreme Court ruling was a turning back of Molech. It was a stand against the gods, the breaking down of their altars.

The only way to stand against the gods is by the power of God. His love can overcome hatred. His grace can overcome sin. He alone can break the chains of all bondage. His light can overcome the darkness of the age. In the days of the gods, one must never bow one’s knee to any idol, any darkness or evil. Those who will not give up will in the end prevail.

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