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A Time to Pray: Derek Prince

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Scott Ross: For years, Derek Prince has been recognized worldwide as a prophetic Bible teacher. His books have helped millions of Christians develop spiritual maturity and depth. When I spoke with Derek recently, he told me that our greatest single weapon against the forces of evil is spreading the Word of God. But, he says, that’s not our only resource.

Derek Prince: Another of our great weapons is prayer and I believe, like many people today are coming to believe, that prayer is most effective when it’s united with fasting. And this is a wonderful truth that has come back to the church.

Scott: Could then the church and Christians praying corporately affect the course of a nation?

Derek: Absolutely. I have a book which I’m sure that you know about called "Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting."

Scott: I read it over 20 years ago.

Derek: You did?

Scott: Yes. (Laughs)

Derek: Well, it’s a historical...

Scott: Yes.

Derek: ...example of how prayer and fasting shape the history of nations, including the United States of America and including nations that I know of from personal experience in Africa. I think the nation of Kenya, where I was a teacher for five years, was saved from a communist takeover by prayer and fasting on behalf of Christians.

Scott: The story Derek shares in his book is nothing short of amazing! Though he is probably best known for the years he spent in Israel, Derek also worked for a time in Kenya, during the late 1950s and early 1960s. It was here that Derek witnessed a remarkable move of God he has never forgotten.

At the time, Kenya was still under British rule and recovering from the violent Mau Mau movement. The uprising had fostered hatred and discord between Africans and Europeans, and between many tribal factions as well.

Meanwhile to the west of Kenya, the Belgian Congo was imploding amidst a bloody series of internal wars that had shattered the nation’s brief attempt at self-government. To many, the future of Kenya looked equally bleak. Most experts predicted that with the legacy of Mau Mau problems would be, in fact, much worse.

In August of 1960, Derek Prince was ministering at a week-long Christian convention in western Kenya. The meeting’s final service felt like an episode described in the Book of Acts, as an incredible spirit of prayer descended supernaturally on the participants.

At this critical moment, Derek felt strongly impressed by the Holy Spirit that it was crucial for everyone to begin praying, in unity, for the future of Kenya.

As the group began to intercede for their native land, Derek was reminded of the passage in Revelation, comparing the voice of the great multitude to sounds of rushing waters and thunder. Just then, Derek’s interpreter, Wilson Mamboleo, began to receive what seemed to be a remarkable vision from God.

In his mind, Wilson saw a fierce herd of red horses approaching Kenya from the east. As the group was praying, Wilson saw the herd turn away from Kenya and move to the north. The young man asked God to tell him the meaning of what he had seen and felt God say, “Only the supernatural power of the prayer of my people can turn away the troubles that are coming upon Kenya!”

The years that followed proved to be an exact outworking of the vision God granted Wilson Mamboleo. A series of revolutions, military coups and Communist infiltrations afflicted every country surrounding Kenya, from Somalia to the north, to Uganda in the west, to Tanzania in the south. Not even the island nation of Zanzibar, off Kenya’s eastern coast was spared.

And Kenya itself? Well, for a full generation after gaining independence in 1963 Kenya was a model African nation, unique in it’s stability, order and progress. The people of Kenya exercised religious and political freedom to a degree unimagined under surrounding regimes.

By the time Derek Prince wrote “Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting” in the 1970s, it was clear that God had indeed protected Kenya. A news report from that era confirms that the prayers of Kenya’s Christians had affected their country’s history.

The lesson of Kenya has stayed with Derek Prince throughout the ensuing years. He feels it is particularly relevant today, with the forces of evil at work on so many fronts.

Derek: We are dealing with a spiritual kingdom. That’s our particular responsibility. The government of our nation is not responsible for that. It has to deal with the actual physical, personal human enemies. But we are involved in a different kind of warfare as Christians, which is against this kingdom.

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