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MercyMe: The Heart Behind New Song, "Even If"

Hannah Goodwyn


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Every song has a story.

MercyMe's new popular song, "Even If", from their upcoming album, Lifer, has a great story behind it. Check out what lead singer Bart Millard had to say about it:

"If there's a moment on the record to reach people where they are, it's 'Even If'. We're ministers first. We're trying to reach the hurting first. This song wrecked us," Millard admits. "It's just an open wound for me. It's very real."

"The whole point of the song for me is the change that Jesus made in my life is so real and so life-transforming that if He went dark, if He went silent from now on, He would still be my greatest hope because of what He has already done," he shares. "Basically, there's not a single circumstance, I pray, that can derail me from what Christ is to me and who I am because of Christ."

Millard shares even more about the story behind "Even If" in a candid video the band recently posted on their YouTube page.

There, you can also find the official lyric video for "Even If" (featured below).

Be on the lookout for MercyMe's Lifer. The 10-track album from Fair Trade/Columbia Records releases on March 31, 2017.

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