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Creed's Scott Stapp Returns to his Faith

Share This article -In the late 90s Creed became one of the most popular rock bands in the world. Fans were enthralled by Creeds new blend of rock. But it was the lyrics, penned by lead singer Scott Stapp, that touched them most profoundly.

Scott said, “I would feel a connection with God when I wrote the words and when I would sing the songs, learning the songs, I would feel the Holy Spirit.”

Creed was an instant success. Their first album, “My Own Prison,” went platinum.

“What was that like for you when it started happening at such a dizzying pace?” asked Tim Branson, 700 Club Producer.

“I enjoyed it,” said Scott. “The band enjoyed it. And you know in my view, that’s what was supposed to happen. Ironically, although I was living this lifestyle and caught up in the mentality of rock and roll superstardom, when I was alone and writing, I would pray to God, pray to my father and make deals. And one of the deals that I made was father, I promise I’ll stay true to you in my words and the lyrics that I write. Just make us a success.

It would seem that God answered his prayers. Creed released two more albums: Human Clay, and Weathered, both of which went platinum. But Scott was fighting an internal battle that was tearing him apart.

“I was a Christian who was in rebellion and running from the brand of Christianity that I was raised on,“ said Scott.

As a young boy, Scott’s early view of God was shaped by his grandfather, who spoke of a loving God.  But after his parents divorced his mom remarried and Scott looked to a new source of spiritual guidance- His stepfather, Steve Stapp.

“He was very strict, very disciplinarian, very corporal punishment, very military,” said Scott.

“What do you do with that information that you’re getting, this constant back and forth, God of love, he’s not a God of love, he’s a God of anger. How do you process that?” said Tim.

“I told God,  ‘I cant do it.’ I just can’t do it. And so I ran from it,” said Scott.
After high school, Scott went to a small Christian college where he was introduced to marijuana.

“This was new to you,” said Tim. And at that time were there other things, drinking ? And sex? Did you find that this somehow medicated these feelings of confusion and anger that you had?”

“Most definitely did,” said Scott.  I wanted to run and experience this acceptance I thought everybody else had.”
Later, he helped form Creed.

“And it just became an obsession, if you will,” Scott said. It was my way out.

It wasn’t long before Scott was a superstar. In the midst of this, he married and had a son, Jagger. But he and his wife soon divorced and he was now a single dad. The pressure he carried pushed him into depression. 

“Where was God in all this in your life?” Tim asked.

“Only when I would sit down at that point in time, to write my lyrics for an album, said Scott. “It’s ironic that every time I sat down in a song that was addressing a spiritual issue or me wrestling with my beliefs or my faith, it would always be resolved at the end.”

But his faith based lyrics led many to believe they were a Christian band. They weren’t, and his band mates resented it.   Soon it was clear that the band could no longer be together. Scott took a year long trip to Maui to clear his head and give up drugs. A year later, he met Jaclyn who was a Christian. For a while, he managed to stay sober. But the depression returned, and he tried to ward off the despair with alcohol and drugs. But Jaclyn did something no one had done before.

“She showed you grace,” said Tim. “What does that mean to you that God loved you enough to send someone to extend grace to you at that time in your life?”

“It means everything to me,” said Scott. “I didn’t even understand it. I would see her and her mother and her family and I was drawn to something.”

One day, after another episode of binge drinking, Scott checked into a Miami hotel. He became paranoid, and thought the police were after him. He climbed out onto the balcony, trying to escape to the floor below. He lost his footing, and fell 40 feet.

“Inevitably I land, and landing a ledge specifically designed to catch seagull waste, that it,” Scott said. “I really felt, even in that moment, I felt that’s where I belonged.  And it was a real epiphany as I laid there and cried out to God and asked for help.”

Amazingly, Scott survived the fall. He woke up later at the hospital.
“I opened my eyes,” said Scott.  “And they were blurry and I see two angels. And I’m kinda doing this and its Jaclyn and her mother and they’re washing my feet. They’re washing the dirt and blood and every thing off my feet, crying, sobbing and praying. And in that moment, and I get goose bumps talking about it, if there was any doubt who these women were and what they meant in my life, and I will go to my grave feeling this, that they were angels in my life, sent for me, there was no doubt after that moment.”

Finally Scott realized it was time to change. Wit the help of Jaclyn, her mother, and God, Scott got off drugs and healed emotionally. He and Jaclyn married, and now have a beautiful blended family. Scott has since released a solo album and a book about his journey called, “sinners creed.”

“The redemption as I feel it and understand it is God taking this mess that I had become and creating it and turning it into a message,” said Scott. God is there. And you know, if my life can be an example of God taking the unlovable…then God can love anybody, anybody. You’ve just gotta come. Gotta surrender.”

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