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Do You Need a Financial Miracle?

Ed Heath


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When Scott and Haley Revels married in 2009, they had $100 in the bank, no place to live, and were $60,000 in debt – most of that was from Scott’s concrete business. He recalled, “The pressure as a man to make sure you're providing for your it was, it was challenging. Every little thing we would spend it was like, it was just a battle. It was embarrassing, you know, having to live with my wife's mom, you know, starting our marriage.”

One thing they were determined to do was tithe. Scott said, “It actually took pressure off of me to be able to sow that first fruit. For me it's like, ‘Hey, I've done my part, Lord, it's on You.'" And Haley added, “God has principles. And when we align to His principles and His ways, it's going to be a good outcome.”

In 2011 Scott sold his concrete business and moved into medical sales. He worked for a couple companies learning the business before starting his own company in 2016. However, Scott stretched himself too far and in 18 months his company failed. Scott and Haley were at their lowest points financially and spiritually. Scott recalled, “All these things that I had put my hope in had disappeared. I was left in a bottomless pit and I feel like Joseph.”

Haley added, “It was very intense. It was a lot of pressure. Yeah. I did not feel good at all. ‘Where are you, God? What are You doing?’ It was a nightmare.” Scott recalled, “My savings accounts just dwindling away. I remember specifically it was like around -$3,000 at the end of the month and it was just every month draining and I’m trying to cut things.” Haley recalled, “I was very concerned with all the no’s and it looking very bleak.” 

Unemployed, Scott sent out numerous resumes, yet couldn’t land another job. Even in his darkest times, Scott still trusted God’s promise to provide. Scott recalled, “Jeremiah 17:7, 8 really gave me faith on another level. Put your trust, your hope, your confidence in the Lord. You know, He'll take your tree and plant it by the river and in those long months of drought, like your leaves will stay green. I remember just God speaking to me in that moment that your leaves will stay green.”  

Then, in late 2017, with no other options, Scott secured a business loan from a friend and restarted his second medical sales company, continuing to make tithing a priority. Scott said, “He just showed up in these miraculous ways of taking care of us and providing for us that it was like I almost viewed it like, if I don't give, you know, I'm not going to see the next blessing in my life. I was able to pay Him back six months later with, with interest.”

Scott’s business earnings went from $85,000 to over 2 million in three years; today he’s on track to make over 3 million, staying on the forefront of new medical developments. Scott said, “It was just a massive opportunity to grow this...this technology where doctors had not had an opportunity to, you know, have this testing in their offices.” Haley added, “We just generously give whenever we can and just miracle upon miracle happens.”

To Scott and Haley, giving is an act of worshiping God. They encourage everyone they meet to put their faith in God when it comes to finances and see what amazing things will happen. Scott said, “If you want to see something miraculous in your life, then you have to do miraculous things and step out in faith. If you never step out of the boat, you'll never experience what it's like to walk on water. And when you see God show up in the ways that He does that, you can't logically make sense of by a budget or by your wages or by a raise, it just increases our faith in Him.”

Haley encouraged others to, “Ask the Lord to help you increase your faith and let go, let go and do what the Lord says. He says, ‘test me.’ He is faithful. Let go. See what happens, He's going to come through.”  

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