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Building 429's "Listen to the Sound": Music Review

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Right out the gate and without resistance, a rich and bolder Building 429 emerges into view with Listen to the Sound. Without question, this album releases the sounds of a band that emanates the maturity of “life experience” with God.

Profound singable anthem tracks resonate nearly back to back with a lyrical insight that only comes from enduring trials walking out ones faith in Christ over time. The CD’s self-titled track “Listen to the Sound” brings a hopeful bold pop/rock anthem that is catchy and profound. This joyful anthem illuminates the painful transition from the old in life to the beauty of God’s new beginnings. Y

ou’ll find yourself bobbing your head to this one while singing its revelatory hopeful hooks. “One Foot”, an upbeat rhythmic rock tune, takes you on a lyrical journey exploring the truth of discovering hope and encouragement in following the path “less taken”.

The entire album is a completed work. Listeners without fail will engage with Building 429’s tracks while enjoying profound lyrical transparency wrapped in the sounds of musical excellence.

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