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Forgotten by Most but Remembered by You  

Dan Reany


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The earthquake in southern Turkey changed lives in just under a minute. Families who survived, like Gulseren’s, were left with nothing but the clothes on their backs.

Gulseren explained, “On the night of the earthquake, I woke up hearing a loud rumble, as the entire house shook. My husband and I quickly grabbed our children and ran out of the house. Everyone in the neighborhood was screaming and crying in the street.  Most of us were barefoot in the cold rain.”

The earthquake didn’t just bring down or ruin houses, but also vital infrastructure like water systems. 

Gulseren said, “We were without food, shelter, or water for the first three days. People around us were dying of starvation.” 

Most government and nonprofit help went to people in large cities. “We were forgotten,” said Gulseren. “Our entire family of 17 people had to share one tent, and food and clean water were very scarce. Without help, we knew we wouldn’t survive.”

Operation Blessing reached out to numerous rural communities like this one to provide desperately needed aid. We gave Gulseren and her village filtered and purified water, food, and other basic necessities. We also gave Gulseren’s family tents and beds for temporary shelter. Now, they can all live a bit more comfortably as they rebuild their lives.

Gulseren said, “I am so grateful for the food, the water, and especially the tents. I am very thankful for everyone who helped us through Operation Blessing.”

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About The Author

Dan Reany

Daniel Reany works with domestic and international producers to share stories of God’s love changing people’s lives. His main focus is on CBN’s humanitarian work. He holds an MA in anthropology, and volunteers with the Order of St. John. In their spare time, he and his wife enjoy travel, medieval reenactments, and hosting events.