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Superbook Brings Family and Faith Together

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Growing up, 9 year old Abel was very close to her dad.  But she said she was confused about what her parents believed about God.  

“When I was about 6 years old,” she told CBN, “I knew that my Mom & Dad were different in their faith. I wondered why Mom went to church and Dad went to Mosque?  I was confused. My Dad told me I had to follow Islam.”
But Abel said she struggled with the Arabic language and the teachings she was told she had to memorize. “Dad told me I had to go to an Islamic after school program,” she said. “Even though I didn’t want to, he kept saying I had to go. Finally I refused to go because I didn’t understand the lessons.”

Watching her Mom go to church, however, made Abel curious. She asked if she could attend.  At the Sunday school class for kids there, she learned about the Bible through CBN’s Superbook.
“I loved learning from the Superbook cartoons.  They are easy to understand!” she said with a smile.  I couldn’t wait to learn about the next Bible story from Superbook.  That’s what kept me coming back!”

One morning after she watched the Superbook story of Jesus and Lazarus, Abel made a decision to become a Christian.  “The part that I loved most from Lazarus’ story was when Jesus raised him from the dead. I was really impressed by that. I mean Lazarus really lived again? I mean how could that be? I remember from that story, Lazarus’ sister Martha didn’t believe in what Jesus said. I was like that. But when I saw Lazarus came alive again, I decided to really believe in the Lord Jesus.”
That morning she prayed with her teacher. “I said, ‘Dear Lord, I want You to come into my heart. Help me to always rely on You, Lord.’” I felt so relieved and happy after I prayed! I remember when I prayed, I almost cried.  
Because Abel has always been very close with her dad, she shared with him what she was learning about the Bible through Superbook. Soon her dad went to church and prayed to become a Christian too.  “I was really happy when I my Dad prayed to become a Christian and wanted to go to church.  I said, ‘God, thank you that Daddy wants to go to church with us now.’”  

Now Abel is attends church with her Dad and Mom and they are all growing in their faith.  

“I am thankful to Jesus because He has forgiven my sins and died on the cross to save me. I also want to thank the people who support SBK and gave their donations to it! Thank you and God bless you!


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