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A Double Blessing  

Dory Nissen


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U.S. Army aoldier Corey considers himself a servant, devoted to his family, his country, and other soldiers as an Army Chaplain. 

Corey says, “I began to see the tremendous need that was right in front of me, the toll that prolonged years of war was taken on families and I wanted to pursue the chaplaincy so that I could specifically serve and pastor those families that were carrying so much of the load for our country.”

In addition to being a stay-at-home mom with their three children, Jillian enjoys working alongside Corey as the chaplain’s wife.

Jillian explains, “I think I just saw it as a mission field that we were both going to serve on together. I think we both believe it's where God has us right now. And so, I’m just happy to do it as long as God has us doing it.”

The couple felt God leading them to start a new chapter in their lives by adopting a baby. They were approved, placed on a register, and started saving up the $16,000 dollars they would need. They were shocked when the agency called and said they’d been matched with a baby...who was a twin. They were asked if they’d adopt both. Plus, live out-of-state for a few months because the twins were born 10 weeks early and needed NICU care.”

Corey says, “this was way more than we expected. It was about double the costs. It was double the babies, double the time away, double the travel distance. About twice as much as we had expected to do.”

Inspire of the financial obstacles, the couple knew they couldn’t separate the siblings, and said yes.

Corey says, “Only God could make it happen. Only God could get us through this. We pray with expectation. Like, 'Alright Lord, we're going to see You show up. We just don't quite know how yet or what it will look like.”

While the couple was arranging to move their entire family out of state, their church, River Oak in Chesapeake Virginia, was planning a surprise with Helping The Home Front. Pastor Steve Reeder gave them some big news.

Steve explains, “I've got a check to the adoption agency for the entire amount."

“Really?” Jillian asks, “Thank you.”

Cory continues, “I can't believe it.”

Jillian adds, “I don't know what to say.”

He also told them, CBN was covering the cost of living out of state while the babies were in the hospital.

Corey says, “I can't believe you're like sitting here across from me right now. I don't feel like this is real. I really don't feel like this is real. This isn't like a real thing that happens to me in the real world. Do you know what I mean?”

Pastor Steve says, “Yeah, I know.”

After a few months in NICU, the twins were released, and they all went home to Virginia. This Army family is now focusing on their new arrivals, rather than worrying about finances.

Jillian concludes, “every little step along the way as we trust God, He just shows up in a way abundantly beyond all that we could ask or imagine. And I would say that this is abundantly beyond what we have asked for or even imagined.”

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Dory Nissen

Dory Nissen has been story telling for CBN since 1993. She joined CBN when her husband received orders to Norfolk, VA. She loves sharing stories of God’s grace. Her most recent focus has been on producing stories showcasing how CBN financially helps military families. As a Navy sailor’s wife, she understands the challenges military life brings.