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Obama Warns Businesses on Breaking Sanctions


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President and Mrs. Obama hosted French President Francois Hollande for a lavish state dinner at the White House Tuesday evening.

The Obamas used the event to their advantage during this election year, inviting more than two dozen donors to Obama's campaigns and the Democratic Party.

Earlier in the day, Obama weighed in on international policy, saying the U.S. will come down "like a ton of bricks" on businesses that violate sanctions on Iran.

Obama made the comments during joint press conference with Hollande at the White House on Feb. 11.

France joined the United States in negotiating a final nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.

Obama also acknowledged Syrian peace talks are far from reaching their goal.

"There's enormous frustration here," Obama said regarding the talks.

Several times he called out Russia and Iran for supporting the Assad regime.

The leaders visited Monticello, the famous estate of Thomas Jefferson. The symbolic visit represented the values shared by the two countries.

"We were friends in the time of Jefferson and Lafayette, and we will remain friends forever," Hollande said.

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