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Matchmaking Churches Connect Christian Couples in China


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Spring is the time for weddings in America. With new life budding all around them, many couples exchange vows, committing their lives to their soul mates. 

In China, many young people also are hoping to tie the knot, but some are finding it difficult to meet their perfect match. That's why Chinese church leaders are coming up with creative ways to help singles find their true love. 

On a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in Beijing, young Chinese are doing something unusual here – Irish dancing in the park. Besides enjoying the fun, the main purpose is to help single Christians find their true love. 

Some Christians prayed for years that Mr. /Mrs. Right would show up. They passionately sought the right person. Some even went to church leaders for help.

Han Yan is the church leader of An Hua in Beijing. She told CBN News that "God called us to be in relationships with one another. Our church is like a family. We want to help them find the right ones who are also part of our Christian network. We have many unmarried amazing brothers and sisters. They deserve to marry the right people. That's what motivated us to plan such huge event. " 

These young people get to know each other by playing group games. That one requires them to find scripture verses hidden in bushes. 
At the park, event coordinator is very grateful for what God has brought to them

 "I am so happy to see that everybody is having a great time. Praise the Lord!" 

It also brought many first-timers, too. 

Since 2012, many local churches in Beijing have organized similar annual events. Through prayer and attending the fun activities, many have found the person God has prepared for them.  

Lv Tie Yang was single for 8 years. Before attending the church programs, he tried many times on his own to find his future wife, but that always ended in disappointment.  He started believing there was no right person waiting for him. 

Church leaders encouraged him to be patient and faithful. They were afraid that he would miss a blessing from God. 

Church leader explains that when people are vulnerable and disappointed, people tend to compromise our principles. Christians need to be reminded that God is in control and He has the perfect solution to our puzzlement. Trust in Him is very important."  

Later on, he began to take part in church fellowship meetings. Soon, he met his future wife, JiXiang Chun.

Lv shared with CBN that after being married for 8 months, he still can't believe that he found a beautiful and lovely wife. Today, they have their own family today. Most importantly, they are able to grow together in the Lord. God brought them together.

Lv's wife believes her husband is a gift from the Lord. 

She told CBN News that "My husband is such a caring and sweet person. He loves me so much. We want to encourage other singles to trust in Jesus. He has the perfect timing." 

Beijing church leaders are hoping more Christians and non-Christians will join these single's program and come to realize that God should always be  at the center of any relationship.   And if they will wait on Him, they will find their perfect match. 

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