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How Islamic Immigration Is Fueling a Political Earthquake in Europe


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STOCKHOLM, Sweden – Immigration from the Islamic world is causing a political earthquake in Europe and threatens the political future of its chief architect, German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Now the 'rebellion' against the European Union's immigration policy is spreading.
More than 4 in 10 Germans now want Chancellor Angela Merkel to resign. Her coalition government could collapse if she can't get an EU agreement restricting the number of migrants entering Germany.
President Trump tweeted: "The people of Germany are turning against their leadership" over migration. Trump was mocked for also tweeting that Germany's crime rate is up when official figures show that it's at a 30 year low. But statistics show violent crime in Germany is up and it's because of migrants.
A new study says almost 1,000 Europeans have been injured or killed in terrorist attacks involving migrants since 2014. And Germany has been targeted with terror plots more than any other European nation, by a wide margin.
The rebellion against the EU's migrant policy has now spread to Italy. 
Italy's new hardline Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says, "If someone in Europe thinks that Italy should continue to be a landing point and a refugee camp, they are mistaken."
Four of the immigration rebels, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland, refused to participate in an EU summit on immigration.
The 'rebellion' has also spread to the grassroots in Sweden, where one poll shows the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats with a clear lead heading toward September elections, with some asking if Sweden is about to have its "Trump moment." 
Sweden's refugee policy has imported crime, terrorism, and a lot of refugees that experts say are uneducated and unemployable. And on top of it, now Swedish citizens have to pay for it.
Swedish security expert Magnuss Norell with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy says, "If you live in Stockholm you never see this. You can choose not to see it. But in smaller communities, smaller cities, you can't avoid it. And that is where the change will come."
And change is coming…to a number of nations in Europe. 

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