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God at Work on President Trump's World Religion Tour


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David Brody, here, in Rome, Italy. We've been on this overseas tour with President Trump; it's been a great experience. 

We've talked a lot about the politics and the Trump administration impact and all that, but I wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about the spiritual impact of his trip. 

Clearly, God is up to something. 

Did you know that President Trump mentioned the word God 29 times in prepared remarks. Pretty fascinating! I mean, try to get George W. Bush to say God 30 times in prepared remarks. He really didn't say God all that much, but Donald Trump has and you just wonder what God is going to do with that.

And then you look at some of the places he actually went: the Western Wall in Israel. He talked about how he prayed for guidance there and how it was a spiritual experience for him.

Then he comes here to Rome and meets with the pope. And what does the pope do? He gives him a book called The Joy of the Gospel. And, yes, that book had some social justice reform issues in it, but it also talks about a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. And Donald Trump  actually said to the pope, "I'm going to read that. I'm definitely going to read that."

It's been pretty exciting to experience. Clearly, God's in control because he's a God of miracles. Look, Donald Trump is president of the United States – that's a miracle!

And the fact that I haven't gained 20 pounds is also a miracle… because it's been quite a long buffet line. But that's just carnal food! We all need spiritual food, and Donald Trump's been getting quite a bit of it here on the overseas trip that we've enjoyed covering. #WorldReligionTour. 

See you back in the States!

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