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Genocide: House Approves Declaration on ISIS Atrocities


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The House of Representatives has approved a resolution that condemns the Islamic States' wide-scale murder of Christians and other minorities as genocide.

The resolution passed Monday 393 to 0.

The move pressures the Obama administration to officially declare the Islamic State's bloodshed against Christians, Yazidis and other groups, including the Kurds, as "genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity."

Author Raymond Ibrahim explains why U.S foreign policy is a major reason Islamic extremism has risen to genocidal levels against Christians in the Middle East. Click play to watch.

Such a declaration could require more action by the U.S. government against ISIS. Congress has given the administration a deadline to officially label the atrocities by Thursday.

But Obama administration officials have cautioned that a legal review is still under way and that Secretary of State John Kerry is not likely to meet the deadline.

House Speaker Paul Ryan chided the White House for the anticipated delay.

"As the administration waffles on this issue and doubles-down on its failed strategy to defeat (the Islamic State), the American people are speaking loudly and clearly on this issue," the Wisconsin Republican said.

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