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Ebola Survivor Rick Sacra Returns to Liberia


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Rick Sacra, one the American doctors who beat Ebola last year, is going back to Liberia where he contracted the deadly virus.

Dr. Sacra plans to spend several weeks helping overworked colleagues in the missionary hospital where he worked for years.

He says he won't be working directly with Ebola patients, but might be asked to help from time to time since doctors say he's now immune to the virus.

"This is just a practical way of showing the love of God to the people of Liberia,” Dr. Sacra said. "It's just so important, so crucial."

His wife, Debbie Sacra, said, "That's just a part of our relationship and our calling from the Lord.”

Sacra expects to spend most of his time treating patients with malaria and other health issues, like high blood pressure and diabetes.

He leaves Thursday and returns home next month.

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