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'We're Just Getting Started': God Poured out His Presence During 'Let Us Worship' Events in Florida


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Souls are being saved and God is being lifted up in Florida as worship leader Sean Feucht presses ahead with his outdoor "Let Us Worship" rallies across the U.S.

Feucht arrived in Jacksonville on Saturday where hundreds of people gathered at Hemming Park to pray, sing, and lift up the name of Jesus.

"Jacksonville was a night I will never ever forget!!!! Thank you Jesus for moving with power!" Feucht declared on Twitter.

Before the event began, Feucht invited the police officers attending the event up on stage so he could pray over them.   

The event was alive with Spirit-filled praise for Jesus as men, women, and children rejoiced together.  

Feucht started #LetUsWorship last year as states were cracking down on churches, banning Sunday church services. So he took his worship events outdoors, traveling from state to state, as both a form of protest and as a way to spread revival around America. 

And he's faced vitriolic attacks and threats of violence from people who claim to care about saving lives. Fueled by negative news media reports against Feucht, opponents of his gatherings accuse him spreading COVID with his outdoor worship. Now he's been forced to hire some extra security to protect him and his team from the death threats.  

Feucht and his band brought their worship event to West Palm Beach on Sunday where faith was released across the crowd. Many attending the event were moved to tears as they poured out their hearts and entrusted their lives to the Lord.

One man confessed that he had been running away his whole life but was finally ready to seek salvation and declare Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior.

During a recent interview with CBN News, Feucht said he plans to continue spreading God's Word across the country during his Let Us Worship events.

"I believe this is going to be an incredible hour for the church - 2021 is going to be a beautiful hour for the church in America. With the intensity of this season as we've seen all over the world and revival history, the church always rises to the occasion and I believe it's going to happen this year and I'm so excited. We're seeing thousands gather together in these cities across America. There is a hunger that I've never seen before and I believe it's going to increase. Nothing can stop the spread of an unstoppable Kingdom."

"We're just getting's just beginning. I feel an incredible grace and now more than ever, we gotta gather in the spirit of unity, to seek the face of the Lord and go after His Kingdom in this hour."

Let Us Worship will be at Trinity Christian Academy Soccer Field in Lake Worth, Florida on Feb. 1.

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