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Utah Lawmakers Override Governor's Veto of Bill Barring Transgender Athletes from Girls' Sports


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Utah legislators voted Friday to override the governor's veto on a bill that bars biological males from participating in girls' sports. 

The state Senate voted 21-8 to override the veto and the state House did the same in a 56-18 vote. 

The bill, known as H.B. 11 Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities, was rejected by Utah's Republican Gov. Spencer Cox over concerns of impending lawsuits that he believed could be avoided.

However, State Rep. Kera Birkeland, who sponsored the bill, says "it's time for fairness to win" in girls' and women's sports.

"High school girls across the state have expressed their concerns, and we owe it to them to listen," she said in a news release. "Sports are their opportunity to overcome obstacles and break barriers. But in order to do that, they need a fair playing field."

The beehive state becomes the 12th to enact a bill aimed at protecting women's rights in the area of sports. The law takes effect July 1.

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