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'The Revival is Spreading': Souls Find Salvation on the Streets of Minneapolis


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The streets of Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed are being used by God to save those searching for hope and healing.

For several weeks, Christians and nonbelievers have come to the area to praise, worship, and profess their faith in Christ.

During a Facebook interview, Bethel Music's Sean Feucht and Pastor Joshua Giles talked about the movement of God that continues in Minneapolis as people are giving their hearts to the Lord. 

"God has hope for us and as long as the church - the salt of the earth - is here, we are going to be that change that we are talking and praying about," Giles said.

In the middle of a tragic event, hope and life have been put back into the area. God is getting the glory as souls are being saved on the streets by divine redemption.

Giles wrote on Facebook, "Baptizing people that just got saved on the streets of Minneapolis where George Floyd was killed!! Glory to God."

"These testimonies of the saving power of JESUS CHRIST are going all around the world. Glory to GOD!!! The revival is spreading!!"

Giles said he came to the area where Floyd was killed to be a part of the peaceful protests, but God told him to start a revival. He says the revival will lead to reformation and changes will begin to take place.

"Since that tragedy with George Floyd, there was a moment in prayer where the Holy Spirit said to me that now it's time to shift into revival," he told Feucht. "We immediately went to the streets."

"I believe that God is causing this revival for many reasons, but one reason is to spark a reformation because revival is only the starting point. Once we experience this revival, it snowballs into a reformation where we will see systems change."

"What a powerful way to celebrate FREEDOM!!! The move of God continued today,” Giles wrote. “Had the privilege to preach at the George Floyd memorial site, and after that more people got saved and asked to be baptized right on the street. Praise the Lord!!! Revival is HERE.”

Giles explained that the Lord is still moving in Minneapolis and throughout the world. The tragic death of Floyd caused anger to unleash across the country, but an awakening has emerged from the incident.

"Right now, what we're beginning to see is God moving in the world and sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I believe that's what is happening right now," Giles concluded.

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