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'Promoting Death Is Exhausting': Abortion Workers Quitting Every Day in Wake of 'Unplanned'


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Former Planned Parenthood clinic director and now pro-life advocate Abby Johnson posted a prayer request to her Facebook page this week about her outreach program to workers who would like to leave the abortion industry. 

"We need your prayers at And Then There Were None - Pro-life Outreach. We are having literally at least one worker leave their job every single day...sometimes two a day. Please pray for our staff as we navigate this busy time. Big things are happening and we can confidently state that Unplanned has been a bigger blow to the abortion industry than we could have ever imagined! Change is coming, guys!"

Johnson's program is designed to provide financial, emotional, spiritual and legal support to anyone wishing to leave the abortion industry.  The organization claims it has helped nearly 500 workers leave the profession. 

"There is a lot of burnout in the abortion industry because promoting death is exhausting," Johnson told a crowd of thousands at Focus on the Family's "Alive from New York" event in New York City's Times Square on Saturday. 

Johnson, whose story is told in the new movie "Unplanned," also let the audience listen to her unborn baby's heartbeat.

"We will see a day when abortion in this country is unthinkable," she said. 

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