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One Year After Hurricane Harvey: Pence & Survivors Hail Christians Who 'Put Feet to Their Prayers'


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One year after Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas Gulf Coast, some Americans are still feeling the storm's impact.

Last year's storm brought a week of death, destruction and loss. During that time, many turned to their faith, including Vice President Mike Pence.

"Even in the midst of the storm you were there," the vice president said at the time.

Pence visited the Lone Star State Wednesday to offer support and check in on continuing recovery efforts.

"It's profoundly inspiring to see the way this church and community rose to the challenge in the wake of Hurricane Harvey," he told congregants of Rockport's First Baptist Church, which was hit hard by the storm.

Pence also met with FEMA workers, disaster relief volunteers and residents of the area.

The vice president noted that last year a total of 31,000 federal personnel deployed across the state as part of an all hands on deck effort by the federal government to lend a hand to residents.

And CBN's Operation Blessing quickly jumped in long before the floodwaters receded. The team organized more than 6,000 volunteers to hand out food, water, supplies and offer prayer along with spiritual comfort.

"Christians all over the world who descended upon Houston put feet to their prayers and literally outpaced FEMA helping people restore their lives," hurricane survivor Jeremiah Johnston told CBN News.

Johnston, whose home was in the disaster zone, recalled the struggle to get his family to safety given how his yard was essentially turned into a lake.

"Thankfully, I have 4-wheel drive, but truly our home had become a moat," he said. "Just to put into context, I'm a father of five. Our triplet boys were 13 months at the time – we ran out of the home in our pajamas no less, jumped in our family vehicle, but five of the six evac routes were impassable. They were flooded."

In the end, Johnston got his family out safely. He noted that while his home did get damaged, others suffered a much worse impact.

"Unfortunately, there are still people not back in their homes," he said. "And so if you are watching this and you still want to serve, there are still opportunities for you to serve, and honestly prayer – prayer makes a huge difference."

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