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New National Sex Ed 'Common Core' for Kids Is More Like Hard Core, Too 'Deranged' to Describe in a Headline

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A former official in the Trump administration is warning parents about the "radical" and "deranged" nature of the latest National Sex Education Standards

This "blueprint for sex education of children grades K thru 12" is being called a "common core" for sex ed. But Nick Bell, who served as deputy director at the Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives at the Department of Education under President Trump, calls the new standards "radically extreme". 

This sex ed "common core" was developed by three "leftist" nonprofits in 2020, and it's being rolled out now. In an op-ed for The Federalist, Bell advises parents that "in practice, the standards serve as an indoctrination camp in extremist sexual ethics designed to destroy children's innocence and undermine their attachment to the traditional, Judeo-Christian understanding of sex and marriage."

The new standards advocate for abortion, requiring teachers to tell sixth graders about it. It also compels ninth-grade teachers to provide information about local abortion clinics to their students. 

The transgender agenda plays a strong role in these lessons which urges that children should be allowed to choose their own gender identity, and any pronouns they select to be identified by must "be respected by the adults in their lives."

The standards require that children as young as kindergarten should learn about gender identity. Third graders are taught that gender is on a spectrum. Other topics include lessons about hormone blockers for transgender youth and how to "explain" masturbation.

Sixth graders must learn about oral, anal, and vaginal sex as well as other birth control methods. 

The program's definition of abstinence is nothing close to a biblical or moral version. It's defined only as abstaining from vaginal sex, so all other sexual activities explained in graphic detail, are being classified as abstinence as long as they can't lead to pregnancy.

Bell also tells parents about new "woke" wording in the Guiding Principles section of the 2020 national sex requirements.

"The new standards have entire sections in their 'Guiding Principles' section devoted to 'Social, Racial, and Reproductive Justice and Equity,' 'Intersectionality,' and 'Language Inclusivity'," he wrote. 

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The former Trump official also warns the new standards "directly defy parental authority."

"No one else is qualified to label or judge another person's sexual identity, including their sexual orientation or gender identity, and it is important that the language and terms young people use to identify themselves is respected by the adults in their lives," the code reads.

In his op-ed, Bell also examines how the "deranged ideology" is taught in the curriculum of the Austin Independent School District, based on the standards.  

He writes in detail about how the school district teaches sex education to sixth, seventh and eighth graders, noting "Austin is all in on leftist gender and same-sex ideology."

He says Austin's curriculum "is widespread debasing of sex and the creation of new life through filling the minds of public school children with sordid sexual imagery. It interprets humans as animals operating on pure instinct."

"For parents, there is nothing more disturbing than learning that their right to teach their children about sex, and the great responsibilities that accompany it, is being trampled by public schools. This must be stopped from spreading nationwide like its predecessor," he continued. 

Bell encourages parents to stand and fight against the sex radicalization of their children. 

"Fighting the left on their radical sexuality agenda is at most hinted at by Republican candidates. But once parents are fully awakened to the dangerous sexualization of children as young as kindergarten, they will be just as horrified as they were by CRT," he noted. 

Bell warns that acceptance of the new standards by the states is unavoidable without a massive fight by parents and other concerned citizens to end the sexualization of public school children. 

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