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Kim Burrell Faces Backlash After Homosexual Comments


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Celebrities and now even Christian artists are joining the bandwagon against gospel singer Kim Burrell for her sermon condemning homosexuality. 

In a Facebook post - gospel artist Yolanda Adams wrote: "...Hateful words are never profitable to the cause of Christ in the world. Jesus said "They will know you by your love..."


The backlash comes as Burrell prepares to perform a song from the soon to be released film 'Hidden Figures' on the Ellen DeGeneres show Thursday. 

Fans of the Ellen show are also objecting against Burrell performing, that include tweets pressuring DeGeneres to cancel Burrell's appearance. 





There is also a petition that has 2,500 signatures asking that she not go on the show. 
Burrell has responded to the controversy, saying she has never discriminated against gays, while also adding: "I love you and God loves you, but God hates the sin."


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