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Iowa Gov. Signs 'Heartbeat Bill', Pro-Life Rape Survivor Disses Bill's Exceptions

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Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the state's "heartbeat bill" Friday, banning abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can be as early as six weeks.
The Iowa-based group The FAMiLY LEADER is celebrating the passage of the bill. The group's President Bob Vander Plaats reports one anonymous lawmaker told them it's a big sign of unity in the pro-life movement in Iowa.
"When I first came here… to pass a bill like this was unthinkable! You couldn't have gotten more than 15 votes for it. Truly I have witnessed a miracle slowly evolve … to see more committed conservatives elected to the legislature over these 5 years, the pro-life groups which were splintered and bickering 5 years ago come together in unity as they are today, prayer covering with folks like you and the Iowa Prayer Caucus here at the Capitol as well as many across the state. … When I stop to think about how many little miracles have happened along the way to get to this place, I am amazed."
Opponents say the bill would ban the medical procedure before some women know they're pregnant. But supporters say it's important progress in the pro-life cause.
"This vote represents a remarkable step forward in the defense of human life," Vander Plaats said.
"The heartbeat bill could save thousands of babies every year from the horror of abortion, and its passage today demonstrates that many in our culture recognize that the little girl, with her heart beating in her mother's womb – she's a baby," he said.
However, the legislation comes with some exceptions and would allow abortions after a heartbeat is detected to save a woman's life and in some cases of rape and incest.
Pro-lifer Jennifer Christie posted her disapproval on Facebook saying with these exceptions, the bill isn't really a pro-life bill anymore.
"This is not equal protection," she said in a LIVE video. "This is not doing the mother from rape any favors. Allowing us to destroy our children is not helpful."
Vander Plaats agreed that the exceptions are a serious flaw.
"This bill doesn't protect every baby," Vander Plaats said, "and we will not stop working until every baby's life is treasured and protected by law."
Christie, who is married, was a victim of rape while on a business trip in 2014. She and her husband decided to keep the baby.
Christie's blog story, "Raped While on a Business Trip – My Husband and I Chose Life," went viral with millions of views. In it, shares her decision to choose life as well as her husband's loving response upon learning she was pregnant from the brutal rape.
In her Facebook video, she says, "Punish rapists, not babies. Protect the innocent children, not weak-minded politicians. Be more concerned with the unborn."
In a separate post, she says she doesn't consider this bill a "win."

She writes, "How can we claim to cherish all life when we're willing to engage in child sacrifice, using the most vulnerable of the already vulnerable as political pawns?"
Iowa Republicans passed legislation last year that banned most abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, but it was immediately tied up in the courts.

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