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'I Pray Every Day for the Lord to Use me': Video About FedEx Driver Praying with Grieving Woman Goes Viral


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A heartwarming video shared by one FedEx driver is still going viral years after it happened, all because of its powerful message about listening to the Lord when He calls us into action. 

Three years ago, Amanda Riggan posted a video to Facebook where she described an encounter she had with a woman whose husband was sick with cancer. The video now has 24 million views because the message remains to powerful that it's resonating with viewers during this very divided time in U.S. history.

In a follow-up post, Riggan wrote last week, "3 years and 24 million views later. I captioned this video 'Game Changer', how incredibly accurate is that?! You never could have told me then how radically different my life would be now. One act of Obedience that I thought I was just sharing to family and friends has promoted so many doors opening and so many blessing. Glory to GOD."

It all started when Riggan said she stopped at a woman's home to deliver a package, then the two began talking about the recent Christmas and New Year's holidays.

"We start walking up the driveway together and she asked me if I had a happy holidays," she said. "I was telling her how busy it was. I asked her the same and with tears in her eyes she said, 'It wasn't good. He's sick. My husband's sick, he has cancer.' I continued small talk to try and change the subject because that's awkward and I delivered her package."

Riggan explained that after completing the delivery, her heart started pounding but she continued to make the rest of her deliveries. After about 20 stops, she drove back to see the grief-stricken woman.

"I rang her doorbell and she came down the stairs and she had tears in her eyes," Riggan noted. "When she saw it was me she smiled and I said, 'Ma'am, can I pray with you? And she just broke down. She came out on the front porch and squeezed me so tight. This lady I've never met ... she held my hand so tight. I prayed for her and her family and for her husband."

She continued, "The point of this is that a lot of people want the Lord to use them. For me as an example, I pray everyday for the Lord to use me. But when He's trying to use you or when you feel that call, that tug on your heartstrings, do you move your feet?"

Riggan pointed out that it was more important to be a blessing to someone in need rather than continue on her normal route. She added that God is always looking for ways to use us to do His work and encouraged people to accept His call.

"I have a hundred stops. I could have easily went about the rest of my day thinking about it," she said. "So when you feel those tugs on your heartstrings and you feel like you need to do this, stop and do it. That was like the most genuine hug I've received in a long time." 

"If you're praying for the Lord to help and to use you in people's situations, when He is giving you a chance ... do it. If not, you're going to continue to think about it and regret it later. It made me sad but yet, it made my day. This lady was just so alone." 

Comments from Facebook users are still pouring in every day. There are now more than 35,000 comments from people thanking Riggan for sharing her story.

One of the latest is from Sharon who says, "God will bless you for giving her your time and praying for them. Praying is such a simple thing we can do yet it can be the most powerful. Praise God!"

Another reader named Becky writes, "God bless you for lifting that woman up. Thank you for posting, we do need to listen when God is trying to get our attention."

A man named Ed wrote, "Thanks for posting this experience! This is one of the most powerful personal spiritual events I've heard recently! God has used you in an amazing way. Bless you and praise God!!"

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