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'The Bible Stays': VP Mike Pence Says VA Hospitals 'Will Not Be Religion-Free Zones'


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Vice President Mike Pence is vowing "the Bible stays" in a display at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.

A lawsuit over the Bible in the display at the medical center is drawing the attention of the Trump administration. They say the case comes down to freedom of religion.

The Bible is a part of a "Missing Man" table in the center's lobby, which honors missing veterans and POWs. It was carried by a prisoner of war in World War II. 

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of one Air Force veteran, claiming the addition of the Bible in the display is unconstitutional. 

The vice president addressed that particular lawsuit in a recent speech to the American Legion's 101st National Convention held in Indianapolis, Ind. 

In his speech, Pence outlined the accomplishments of the Trump administration for taking care of our nation's veterans. He also noted: "This administration will always make room for the spiritual needs of our heroes at the VA as well."  

"You might've heard even today that there's a lawsuit to remove a Bible - that was carried in World War II - from a Missing Man Table at a VA hospital in New Hampshire. There's a lawsuit underway," Pence the audience. "It's really no surprise because, under the last administration, VA hospitals were removing Bibles and even banning Christmas carols in an effort to be politically correct.  But let me be clear: Under this administration, VA hospitals will not be religion-free zones."

After letting a thunderous round of applause die down, the vice president also had this message for the VA medical center.

"We will always respect the freedom of religion of every veteran of every faith," Pence noted. "And my message to the New Hampshire VA hospital is: The Bible stays." 

After making this assurance, the vice president received a standing ovation from the convention's audience. 

Pence also tweeted the comments he made at the American Legion convention. 

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