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'Bible Answer Man' Says Tumors Have Spread Throughout Body


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Christian radio host Hank Hanegraaff has shared an update on his battle with cancer. 

Hanegraaff, also known as the "Bible Answer Man," shared in a Facebook update Monday that tumors have spread throughout his entire body. 

"He told me that I had tumors throughout my entire body. He started talking about tumors in my neck, under my armpits, in my lungs, in my stomach. The more he talked, the more vacant I felt. At the time I had no frame of reference whatsoever what it meant," he said of his conversation with his doctor. 

Earlier this month, Hanegraff told his supporters he was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, a rare but treatable form of cancer that requires an aggressive chemotherapy. 

He said his recent health news hit him with "the force of a sledgehammer."

"How could that be possible, when I got my physical a month ago," he asked. "Now the reality is really setting in for me."

His doctor warned the road ahead would be tough, but it's not "the end of the world."

The president and chairman of the board of the North Carolina-based Christian Research Institute thanked everyone who has been praying for him. 

He detailed an recent encounter with a cancer survivor, who shared that the illness brought her closer to Jesus. 

"She told me something I never thought I'd hear from someone who has mantle cell lymphoma: 'Hank, I would not replace my experience. It was tough, but I would not replace it for anything. In fact, I would go through it all over again,'" Hanegraaff recalled her saying.

He said the encounter has left him encouraged. 

"I have optimism in my heart at this point, that God will give me years to continue to do His work," he said.

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