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With Some States Re-Opening, Lawmakers Discuss Infrastructure Package to Help Reboot Economy


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Washington – On Friday, the US death toll from the COVID-19 pandemic surpassed 50,000. Some blame a lack of widespread testing and differences in reporting standards that could be masking the extent of the virus's spread. 

President Trump is now hinting he may extend social distancing guidelines again next week as New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has no plans to reopen his state anytime soon. 

"This is a remarkably effective virus at spreading and growing," Cuomo said. 

The New York governor says preliminary results reveal one in five New York City residents tested positive for antibodies to the coronavirus. 

This news comes as the number of new cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 is down, so is the death rate but it's still an alarming number. 

"Number of lives lost is still heartbreaking news, 422," Cuomo said. 

More than 2.7 million worldwide have been diagnosed with nearly 900,000 of those cases in the US. Still, some states began reopening this week.

It's back to business in Georgia with barbershops, bowling alleys, and salons opening for customers.

"We'll be doing temporal thermometer checks on clients and employees every day as they come in, prescreening them the day before we confirm their appointment," said Hairstylist Mark Demasso. 

But Trump says he's not happy with Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp's widespread lifting of restrictions.  

"I said you make your own decision," Trump said. I told him that. I said, you're not in the guidelines, but I'm letting you make your own decision, but I want people to be safe, and I want the people in Georgia to be safe."

After emerging studies showed ultraviolet rays and bleach have been shown to kill the virus, Trump asked whether the idea might be used to treat COVID-19 patients but today pushed back on his remarks. 

"I was asking a sarcastically to reporters just like you to see what would happen," Trump said

Lysol released a statement in part saying "under no circumstance should our disinfectant products be administered into the human body through injection, ingestion, or any other route.

Trump is now looking to a phase 4 stimulus package. Lawmakers are discussing a $2 trillion infrastructure deal to fix the nation's roads, railways, and bridges which would also create jobs, boost the economy.

The bill would also help restaurants, entertainment, and professional sports. 


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