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President Trump Makes Decision on Immigration


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President Donald Trump rejected a bipartisan immigration deal Wednesday, calling it "horrible" and "very, very weak."

The Senate proposal was aimed at trying to solve the conflict over DACA, a measure which protects illegal immigrants who were brought to America as children.

"It's the opposite of what I campaigned for," Trump told Reuters in an interview.

The president says there is still room to make a deal but "time is running out."

The clock is ticking and many are concerned there may be a government shutdown by the end of the week.

"The president can’t seem to take yes for an answer and is heading toward a shut down, which would fall squarely on his back," Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer told Reuters.

However, President Trump insists that Democrats are the only ones to blame if the government shuts down.

The White House has said it supports a short-term spending measure to prevent a shut down. 




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