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'Murder for Profit': California's New Assisted Suicide Bill Is Sparking a Death Culture Controversy


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California lawmakers have advanced a bill that would expand the state's current euthanasia laws. 

State leaders call it a "correction." But opponents say AB 282 "effectively removes all prosecution from those who pressure depressed people to commit suicide."

California first approved assisted suicide back in 2015. The law doesn't require a witness at death or for the patient to self-administer. And "Save California" reports the existing law even permits forgery of a final attestation form and a false cause of death on a death certificate. 
"This new bill would: 'Exempt from criminal prosecution 'aiding, advising, or encouraging' physician-assisted suicide," said Randy Thomasson of Save California.

"In other words, a bad doctor, bad nurse, or bad family member can pressure you to die. No police, district attorney, or judge will know what went on in the final moments, and even if they did, they'll have to look the other way," Thomasson told CBN News. "More than the 2015 'assisted suicide' law, AB 282 sets up the 'perfect crime.' Someone who can financially benefit from your death can actually sign an order giving you suicide pills. This allows murder for profit."

Thomasson is also concerned about what these laws are telling impressionable youth.

"What's more, this pro-death bill sends an unmistakable message to teenagers and young adults that if you're depressed, suicide is the 'answer.' With the Democrat politicians, California has flipped from an anti-suicide policy to a pro-suicide policy. Unless struck down as unconstitutional (as it should be), California will continue to be the 'Suicide State,'" he also said.

Thomasson says the 2015 bill is still in California courts. It was ruled unconstitutional but the ruling is "stayed" while under appeal by the State Attorney General Xavier Becerra who Thomasson says is pro-suicide.

It passed the Assembly, went to the Senate, was approved there and goes back to the Assembly for approval of amendments. If that happens it would go to the governor for his signature.

Thomasson says it's Biblical to choose life, referencing :

"I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live..." 

He says it's time to take action, "Concerned Californians and Americans must speak for life and against murder. Don't permit the pro-suicide movement to expand further."

"In a society where government schools teach children there is no God, no eternity, and no purpose, more depressed people plus the powerful suggestion that suicide is good will take many to an early grave. How can God bless a nation that does not choose life and live?" Thomasson told CBN News. "The principle is the same for every nation that turns its back on God's word and devalues people at both the beginning and end of life -- this nation cannot be blessed, cannot succeed, and cannot last."

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