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Biden Vows to Enshrine Abortion into Law if Democrats Win Majority in Congress


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President Biden is continuing to try to influence the midterm elections by using abortion rights as a moral issue to bolster Democrat candidates.

The president announced his intention to enshrine abortion into law next year if Democrats win control of Congress.

Tuesday's full court press to codify abortion rights came during a Democratic National Committee (DNC) event in downtown Washington, D.C. Biden tried to make it personal, telling voters, their decision this November boils down to either helping this effort or banning abortion. 

The first bill that I will send to Congress will be to codify Roe v. Wade," he said. "When Congress passes it, I'll sign it in January, marking 50 years after Roe was decided the law of the land."

The president's rallying call comes three weeks ahead of the midterms with his proclamation that abortion is the most important choice for American voters. 

"We're only (20) days away from the most consequential election in our history," said Biden.

However, a closer look at current pre-election polls, however, paints a different picture. Penny Nance, president of Concerned Women for America says recent polling shows abortion isn't weighing nearly as heavily on voters as the economy and other issues. 

"This is going to be an election to which top of mind voters are very upset and concerned about gas prices and food prices. About the fact that they can barely afford their lives anymore," she said. 

Nance's point is backed up by a Siena-New York Times poll taken in just the last week which finds Americans' most important concern is the economy, including jobs and the stock market, at 26%. Cost of living comes in second at 18%, followed by abortion and immigration – tied at just 5% each. 

Attempting to take advantage of the reaction of abortion rights supporters to the end of Roe v. Wade, the president, and Vice President Kamala Harris are using their high-profile positions to make abortion the centerpiece of the midterms. 

"The highest court in our land – the U.S. Supreme Court just took a constitutional right that had been recognized from the people of America and the women of America," said Harris. 

She went on to say their decision four months ago will "invariably impact women around the world." 

The president has also pledged to veto any future bill that calls for banning abortions on the federal level should Republicans take control of Congress. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is already on record seeking a federal ban on most abortions at 15 weeks. 

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel released the following statement on Biden's DNC remarks in Washington, DC:

"Biden is deeply out of touch with the concerns of families. First, Americans do not want Biden and Democrats' extreme, taxpayer-funded abortion-on-demand agenda," the statement said. "Second, Democrats can't distract from the Biden pay cut, the higher prices, and the tax increases they have inflicted on voters. Republicans will win in November because we are focused on the issues voters care about most." 

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