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'You Can't Tell Me That God Isn't Real': Ashley Bratcher from 'Unplanned' Was Nearly Aborted


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The actress who played the role of pro-life activist Abby Johnson in the hit movie "Unplanned" is opening up more about her own amazing story, and why she will never doubt God's plan for her life. You see, she was nearly aborted, and she didn't find that out until she told her mom about the film she was about to star in. reports Ashley Bratcher was invited to speak at the "Evening for Life" fundraiser for the Wyandotte and Olathe Pregnancy clinics, held on Sept. 5. 

The 26-year-old actress told the pro-life crowd about her struggles as a young mom, how she stumbled into an acting career while out on a date in college, and how she came to Christ. And while she's told the story before about discovering how she was nearly aborted, she talked about what that revelation has truly meant for her life.

When she got the big break to star in the film "Unplanned," Bratcher called her mother to tell her the news. That's when she found out she was almost never given the chance to live.

"I knew that Abby's story was transformational, and it was all about the love and grace of Jesus and his redeeming love, and I wanted to share that story with my mom," Bratcher said. "And as I did, she completely broke down."

Through her tears, her mom revealed to her about how she made it all the way to an abortion clinic and was sitting on the table for the procedure when an obviously pregnant nurse walked into the room. See that nurse woke her up, and she left the clinic.

"It was really a profound moment. You see, I had accepted this role to play one of the greatest pro-life activists of our time, never knowing I was intended to be aborted, never knowing I was moments away from not having the experiences I've had in my life," Bratcher told the crowd.

Bratcher continued, "I am just a girl from North Carolina who God gave a story to, who gave my mother enough courage to get up off that table and walk out."

"And here I am all these years later, telling the story of 'Unplanned'."

"You can't tell me that God isn't real. You can't tell me that my life doesn't have a purpose because it does," Bratcher concluded.


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