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Theaters in Canada Cancel Showing of 'Unplanned' Due to Death Threats


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Due to safety concerns, two movie theaters in Canada have canceled the screening of 'Unplanned'.

Precautions had to be taken after theater owners received death threats.

LifeSiteNews reports that the cinema owners contacted police after receiving threats they perceived as real, causing them to be "fearful for their families."

'Unplanned' chronicles Abby Johnson's eight-year career as a director at Planned Parenthood and her conversion to the pro-life movement after watching a doctor perform an abortion via ultrasound.

The film has overcome multiple obstacles, including an R-rating by the Motion Picture Association of America and having its ads banned on major television channels.

CBN News previously reported Johnson saying, "I hope this film will be a really powerful tool that people can use moving forward to show the truth of abortion and show also the powerful, redemptive nature of Christ."

"We just want people to understand that this is a very powerful tool. It's not about me," she added.

The film raked in more than $6 million and took fifth place at the box office in its opening weekend.

Johnson's compelling story has opened up the hearts and minds of thousands of people who have seen the movie.

"I hope this brings about more testimonies from women and certainly we're seeing abortion clinic workers leaving their jobs at a rate we have never seen before," Johnson concluded.

Thanks to the overwhelming support from the pro-life community, 'Unplanned' was picked up and will be screened in 10 to 20 theatres starting July 12, according to Live Action.

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