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Radio Host Delilah and Katy Perry Talk God, Love, and The Dangers of Social Media


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Delilah Rene, the country's most popular female radio host, is going off-air temporarily to grieve the sudden death of her son after he took his own life. Rene has spent the last 20 years encouraging thousands of people including those who suffer with mental illness or depression. From the every day people to celebrities like popstar Katy Perry, Rene used her radio platform to help people. 

Perry, who recently opened up about her own struggle with suicidal depression, told Rene in an interview how much her encouraging and faith-centered show impacted her childhood. 

"i've been listening to you my whole life and your voice is so soothing," Perry said. "This is like a childhood dream come true."

During her interview with Rene,  Perry opened up about fame and how social media is making people lonelier than ever, including herself. 

"I think that we are getting really caught up in creating this alternate reality that we can never keep up with and this idea of perfection," Perry said. "I think we're all in this cycle of trying to take a picture of everything and make our lives look so's making everyone feel really lonely and disconnected."

Rene agreed, emphasizing that connecting with others and loving people is a Biblical principle. 

"I had a pastor who gave a two-part sermon maybe 30, 40 years ago," Rene said. "The first part is that, he says,  'When I die and I come face to face with my Creator He's going to ask me two questions. Number one, what did you do with Me while you were alive? And number two, what did you do with every single person that I put in your path to connect with?"

Rene told Perry that lesson completely transformed how she viewed God and other people.

"Katy, that changed me on a cellular level to realize that my whole purpose is to share love with the people that God places in my life," Rene said. 

"We're all here just to be connected," Perry added. "That's what we want at the end of the day. We just want to be seen. We just want to connect."

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