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Prophetic Voices Declare COVID-19 Tide to Turn around Passover


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A number of prophetic voices in the Christian community have predicted that Passover 2020 and the Jewish year 5780 will mark a turning point in the battle against the coronavirus.  Many have cited the importance of Passover, when the Lord protected the Israelites from the deadly plague that swept through Egypt and resulted in deliverance for the Jewish people, as being a strategic time in the current pandemic that has reached more than 160 nations.

Passover begins at sundown Wednesday evening and will continue through Easter Sunday, ending on Wednesday, April 15.

Chuck Pierce, prophetic speaker, author and president of Texas-based Glory of Zion International Ministries, said God spoke to him last September that the nations would "come into turmoil" until Passover, 2020. On YouTube in March, Pierce explained, "I believe when the Lord said this in September that we would be going through a plague-like condition that we'd have to pass over and then we would breakthrough – I believe he is leading us in a way.  I believe He is right here with us."

Evangelist Kenneth Copeland has spoken another word he says the Lord gave him for this Passover and Resurrection Day: "This disease, called COVID 19, will be over much sooner than you think. Christian people all over this country, praying, have overwhelmed it.  Give Me all the glory, sayeth the Spirit of Grace, and many, many people will come to know Me through it."

Pastor Hank Kunneman, senior pastor of Omaha's Lord of Hosts Church, spoke prophetically last week on Revival Radio & TV with Gene Bailey.  He said God declares "this Passover season is Mine."  Kunneman prayed for a calming spirit to come upon the people of the world and said the Lord's message is "Rejoice, for this that they call a virus shall not have the last say or shall not have its way, for I am the God who sets forth things in motion."

Jeremiah Johnson, prophetic author and founder of Heart of the Father Ministry in Lakeland, FL, has had a series of dreams related to the virus, to President Trump, and to America's future. He's convinced that COVID-19 is primarily a spiritual attack against the Lord's plans for America and the nations, and believes He will respond to prayers for restoration.  He told evangelist Sid Roth, "I believe that around the time of Passover, we're going to see that curve (of death from COVID-19) go down, and I believe in the corporate agreement of the saints."  He added, "Let's agree as a nation that God is going to intervene in the month of April."

Johnson also warns Christians not to succumb to the spirit of fear being promoted throughout the media. He urges people, "if you spend 15 minutes online, spend 30 minutes in the word of God."

Nearly all of those with prophetic words agree that even if the origins of the virus are demonic, the Lord is using the upheaval caused by COVID 19 to prepare America, Israel and the nations for a harvest of souls who will enter His kingdom and glorify Him.


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