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Planned Parenthood CEO Makes Surprising Case for Supporting Life, Ben Shapiro Responds


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Planned Parenthood CEO, Cecile Richards, made an unforeseen argument in defense of life. 

In a recent fundraising email, Richards attacked President Donald Trump's DACA decision saying:

"At Planned Parenthood, we firmly believe that every person has the right to live, work, and raise a family freely."

Planned Parenthood's annual reports, which are published on their website, indicate that since 2012, the year DACA was enacted, they have aborted over 1.3 million babies.

Conservatives from across the social media spectrum responded fiercely, one platform comparing the statement to "PETA endorsing bacon."

In an interview with CBN News reporter, Heather Sells, Ben Shapiro described Richards' statement as a possible marketing strategy to fit their narrative. 

Planned Parenthood takes pride in providing services to low-income patients, a socio-economic category fit by many DACA beneficiaries.

"The roots of Planned Parenthood are eugenicist in nature. Planned Parenthood doesn't like to consider itself a eugenicist organiziation now, but the fact of the  matter is that the vast majority of the babies they're aborting would be born into more poverty driven homes."

In regards to DACA, Shapiro said President Trump's decision was a "bad decision."

[President Trump] made a promise to his base that he was going to get rid of President Obama's executive amnesty. He did not promise his base that he was then going to push for legislative enshrinement of that exact same amnesty...I think we should have legislation that allows us to look at a case by case basis and ask, 'who's a benefit to the country and therefore gets to stay...and who's not a benefit to the country and ought to be removed from the country.'"

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