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'Man of God' Movement Explodes After NFL Player's Headband Fine: 'Just Shows You the Power of God'


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NFL player Demario Davis of the New Orleans Saints is giving all the glory to God for the huge upward movement from his "Man of God" headbands.

Davis was originally fined $7,000 by the NFL for wearing a headband that said "Man of God" under his helmet during a game on September 22. After some public backlash, the NFL eventually backed down, but not before it had unintentionally created a new "Man of God" movement, fueled by Demario Davis and his supporters.

Fox News reports Davis never predicted this much attention would come from his cause. He had made a difficult decision to comply with the NFL and not wear the headband, but he was determined to make something good out of the situation.

Davis described his initial struggle saying, "I was in a conflict, this is strongly what I believe and I can't do it. And because it says what it says I really don't want to take it off." 

But then he realized he could obey the NFL and still bring glory to God. "It would be proper for me to be obedient and follow the rule. But then I said, 'God is going to get glory from this headband, whether I wear it or not'."

So Davis used the publicity from his fine to sell "Man of God" headbands to raise money to expand the emergency room at a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi. He decided to give 100 percent of the proceeds from the headband sales to further their expansion.

"Me and my team came up with the idea of marketing the headbands and using them for donations. I have a partnership with St. Dominic's who I've been helping raise money for their emergency room." 

"The first game, $30,000 was raised off of $25 headbands. Now it's over $60K has been raised and then there's a matching grant that the hospital has for every dollar that's raised already up to the next million so now it's up to $120K." 

The number of people supporting Davis and his cause continued to grow.

Students at St. Louis King of France Catholic School in Metairie, Louisiana made their own "Child of God" headbands. Teachers joined in by wearing headbands that said "Woman of God" and "Man of God".

"That was amazing, to see the kids make the paper headbands was just unbelievable. If you're reaching the kids then you know it's real," he said.  

Davis admits that he didn't kick off this campaign – it was God.

"That just shows you the power of God. I would have never thought this whole movement would have happened and it's not just here in New Orleans, it's been national," he concluded.

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