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Lecrae Loses Tour Date After Sharing Comments About 'Politicized' Christianity

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Grammy Awarding-winning hip hop artist Lecrae says he lost an upcoming show performance after expressing his thoughts about the "institutional" and "politicized" version of Christianity in a tweet.

"Once upon a time I thought I was done with Christianity. But the reality was I was just done with the institutional, corporatized, gentrified, politicized, culturally exclusive version of it," Lecrae wrote on Tuesday.

The 42-year-old re-shared his tweet the next day, revealing that he, "Just lost a show because of this tweet. Point proven." 

He added, "Vulnerability gets people kicked out of exclusive tribes. Jesus welcomes the outcast and seeks to bring healing."

During a recent interview with CBN's Studio 5, Lecrae explained that he shared the tweet in response to some believers who may be questioning their Christian faith.

"I have to kind of talk about it in terms of experiences. I came into the faith as a young man as an adult, doe-eyed and expecting it to be this perfect community and family," he told CBN. "Obviously, it was full of broken people and broken people create broken systems. In getting involved in the music industry, specifically on a Christian side, I kind of felt that we all shared that sense of camaraderie and I just saw that not live up to the expectation that I had. I saw a lot of inconsistencies. It's not to condemn anyone. It's just to say there are people who weren't living up to the ideals that were painted in front of people." 

He continued, "So, I go on these tours and I see people say one thing on stage and live another way offstage. That was part of the first breakdown for me. And then over the years, I just realized, being at the top level of Christendom in America, I've seen behind the scenes. I've seen how people can tend to manipulate faith for power, prestige, financial gain, or create these culturally exclusive groups and clubs and it so disenchanted me. I thought that they were synonymous with the Christian faith and I said I don't want anything to do with this faith." 

Lecrae pointed out that he finally realized the difference between true faith and false representation.

"It took me a while to realize that is not the faith. That is a version or a distortion of it and that's what I can reject. I don't have to reject the faith itself ... I can reject this distortion of the faith," he concluded.

Over the years, the artist has talked openly about how his "faith has been restored."

During a 2019 interview with CBN, Lecrae explained that his Restoration album was a reflection on recent life changes and how he had gained a new perspective.

"God has done some restorative work in my life over the last few years and I've gone through a lot of turmoil and pain," he said. "A lot of that will be shown and people will see that some relationships have been restored, some perspective has been restored and my faith has been restored."

He also traveled to Israel and was baptized in the Jordan River, serving as a renewal of faith.

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