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Israel Marks 1-Year Since Trump Did THIS: 'Most Friendly US Administration of All Time'


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Seventy-one years ago today, on May 14th, 1948, Israel declared its independence. Israelis celebrated last week according to the Hebrew calendar with dancing in the streets, picnics, and fireworks.

Today Israelis are actually celebrating another very important anniversary. It's been one year since the US moved its embassy to Jerusalem.  

President Trump defied critics and conventional wisdom and followed through on his campaign promise to move the US embassy -- something three previous presidents failed to do.  

The move had been mandated by the US Congress in 1995 but allowed presidents to delay the move for national security reasons every six months.    

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu celebrated the move saying, "This week we will mark one year since the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The official residence of the US Ambassador is also moving to Jerusalem; thus, in effect, the Congressional decision will be implemented."

"We very much appreciate this historic decision by President Trump, just as we very much appreciate his historic decision to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights," Netanyahu said.

Israel's newly re-elected prime minsiter is going to name a community in the Golan after Trump. Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria during the 1967 Six-Day War, but Israel's sovereignty over the area is still not recognized by the international community, except for the US.

Events are planned this week to mark the one-year anniversary of the Jerusalem embassy move.

Meanwhile, Israel's government has been spending heavily on building up its communities in the West Bank since the election of President Trump, according to official data obtained by the Associated Press.

Oded Revivi, the chief foreign envoy of the Israeli Yesha Settlers' Council, says, "The Trump administration is undoubtedly the most friendly American administration of all time... In contrast, the Obama years were extremely hard for Israel. Now we are making up for lost ground."

Israel has settled 700,000 of its people in the West Bank and east Jerusalem since capturing them in the war in 1967. The Palestinians claim both of these areas as parts of their future state.


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