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Improve Your Health! Ramp Up Your Good Gut Bacteria

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In the next 18 minutes, four Americans will die from the foods they eat.  A poor diet can lead to just about every health problem imaginable.  

While it's common knowledge that sugar and processed foods are bad, you may be surprised to learn which foods are the healthiest. They are the ones that cultivate good gut bacteria.

To learn more, watch Dr. Perlmutter's interview with CBN's Pat Robertson on "The 700 Club." Click on the video above.

For years, we thought all bacteria was bad.  Now we know the opposite is true.  Most of the bacteria in our gut is very good.  In fact, we desperately need it to keep our entire body in tip-top shape.  

Taking too many antibiotics, eating junk food and even using antibacterial cleansers can destroy it and lead to all kinds of health problems, even brain disorders like Alzheimer's disease.

However, Dr. David Perlmutter says we can reverse course.  In his new book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan  he lays out a simple plan to replace the good gut bacteria we're missing… and lose weight to boot. 


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