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'Honor Them for Their Great Sacrifice': Pratt Praises Men and Women in Uniform After WWII Vets Surprise Him at Premiere


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Actor Chris Pratt was “thrilled” to meet World War II veterans Wednesday night at the Los Angeles premiere of his new Amazon series “The Terminal List,” saying he wanted to “honor them for their great sacrifice.”

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“Well, this is a wonderful group of extraordinary men of the greatest generation,” Pratt said. “These are World War II veterans, and every year they take a pilgrimage back to Normandy.”

Pratt said he was surprised to see the men and that he wanted to take the time to salute them properly.

“It was an opportunity to just … catch up with them. I’ve been following their story,” he said. “And when I saw them, I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh. We’ve got to spend time together’ … I’d like to sit down and really talk to them and honor them for their great sacrifice.”

Pratt also praised the men and women of the U.S. military more generally, telling Reuters he admires their sacrifices.

“[I have an] absolute affinity for our Navy SEAL community, for our men and women in uniform, and especially for our special operators and all they go through and all they sacrifice,” he said.

This is hardly the first time Pratt has praised veterans. In fact, he celebrated his brother, Cully Pratt, in 2019, honoring his military service and also heralding the bravery of others in the armed forces.

“This is my older brother Cully. #happyveteransday,” Pratt wrote, sharing a photo of his brother in uniform. “I always wanted to be exactly like him. He is a good big brother. He’s always led with love.”

The actor added, “The more we can look at our veterans for who they are, actual people, with siblings and parents, with children and funny pasts — the more we can approach our relationships to them with compassion and understanding.”

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