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Greece At Odds Over Financial Bailout


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Greece's prime minister urged citizens to vote "no" in Sunday's referendum.

About 25,000 people had gathered in the Athen's Syntagma Square, early Friday, for a rally supporting a "no" vote in the upcoming referendum on whether to accept a new bailout deal.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said a "no" vote Sunday would drastically weaken the country's negotiating position with its creditors.

 Antonis Samaras, Greece's Former Prime Minister, explained that all of Europe would perceive a "no" victory as a rejection of the euro currency itself - and that would result in Greek banks staying shuttered even longer, despite the government's vow they will open Tuesday.

Tsipras expressed to throngs of demonstrators that the referendum is not a choice about whether or not to stay in Europe, but a decision about living "in Europe with dignity."

Meanwhile, 800 feet away about 17,000 people gathered outside the nearby Panathenian stadium for the "yes" rally, in support of the bailout.

Friday is the last day of campaigning before Sunday's referendum on whether Greece should accept creditors' demands for more austerity in return for bailout loans.


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