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The Global Prayer Movement that's Helping Muslims Learn the Truth About Jesus


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Muslims around the world are nearing the end of their holy month of Ramadan when they seek to know God, and many say it culminates tonight, April 28, with what's known as the "Night of Destiny" or "Night of Power."

Many Christians have been praying for the world's 1 billion Muslims during Ramadan, one author and researcher tells CBN News that God is behind a massive wave of Muslims coming to Christ in the past 30 years.

David Garrison is the executive director of the evangelical missions group Global Gates and author of A Wind in the House of Islam: How God is Drawing Muslims Around the World.

Speaking on CBN's Christian World News program, Garrison described his three years traveling the Islamic world and interviewing more than 1,000 Muslim-background believers.

"What I discovered was this remarkable surge and movements towards Jesus Christ coincided with the beginning of 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world, 28 years ago this year," he said. 

Garrison traveled 250,000 miles investigating movements where at least 1,000 Muslims in a community had been baptized into the Christian faith, but he never made the prayer link until he shared his findings with Paul Filidis of World Christian Concern, who helped launch the 30-Days of Prayer for the Muslim World in 1993. 

"I'd come back home and sit down with my friend Paul and I told him about these movements that we're seeing probably 84 percent of all the movements that have ever happened in history have happened in the last 30 years, and that's when Paul looked at me and said, 'David that's when we began 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim world.'"

While Muslims might not know that Christians are praying for them, God knows and He's listening, Garrison said.

"And as he promised our prayers are tearing down strongholds, they're opening up hearts and they're aligning us as Christians with God's desire for the Muslim world to know His Son, Jesus Christ."

Global Gates is making available a free downloadable copy of World Christian's Muslim World Prayer Guide to those who visit their website at

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