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Disney, Pixar, Museum of the Bible? What These 3 Have in Common

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Washington – Technology inspired by Disney and Pixar is bringing the Museum of the Bible to life, giving visitors a glimpse back to the time of Jesus.

Once inside, visitors' eyes are drawn to an awe-inspiring 140 foot digital canvas.

"The idea is to just set the tone when you walk into the museum," said Jeff Schneider, Museum of the Bible's vice president of information and interactive systems.

Each person will be handed a tablet to customize their visit. It allows guests to set the length of time of a tour, keep track of family, and even translate signs.

"You simply tap a button and it turns on. The camera uses augmented reality which recognizes the sign and then returns the language of the sign into your choice," said Schneider.

The elevators are lined with digital screens that transport visitors to ancient Israel.

At the top floor is the world stage theater which features 3D projection mapping.

"It will project on the ceiling, walls and front screen," said Schneider. "It completely emerges you into the scene."

The Museum of the Bible is already thinking about what's next and plans to open a virtual reality theater next year.

"What we're trying to do is foster engagement with content of the Bible," said Schneider. "We are trying to activate learning, and technology is a great way to do that."

The first museum dedicated solely to God's holy Word opens to the public November 18.



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