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Christian Groups Launch New TV Series, 'Why Israel Matters'


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A new documentary series is giving people an inside look into the ancient land of Israel and what the Jewish state means to the world today.

The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) partnered with Christians in Defense of Israel (CIDI) and Liberty Counsel to premiere a new 13-part television series called "Why Israel Matters."
The series, which debuted Tuesday, shows the world why this tiny Middle Eastern country is important to Christians, to America, and to the rest of the world. 

"From the moment TBN first went on the air back in 1973, we've taken seriously the scriptural promise that God will bless those who bless Israel," said TBN Chairman Matt Crouch. "Now we're proud to team up with CIDI and Liberty Counsel for an exciting new weekly show that will give viewers an up-close look at this nation and the people so close to the heart of God."

Each week, host Mati Shoshani will take viewers on a tour through the Holy Land and tell Israel's remarkable story. 

"There has never been a more important time for Christians and others of good will across America and around the world to stand in solidarity with the nation and people of Israel," said Mat Staver, chairman of Christians in Defense of Israel and Liberty Counsel. "Every viewer will be inspired and empowered to be thoughtful, compelling participants in the global conversation about Israel."

"Why Israel Matters" airs Tuesdays at 7:30 PT on TBN.

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