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CBN News Asks Dr. Perlmutter Your Questions About the Coronavirus Outbreak


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CBN News Medical Reporter Lorie Johnson spoke with Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist, immune system expert and best-selling author to ask him your latest questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here are the questions being addressed in this Q&A:

Cheryl: Is this similar to the Asian flu and if so does that mean people who had it are immune to the current virus? 

Steven: Do Vitamins C and D help?

Diana: What are the symptoms and what is a high fever in people over 65 compared to younger people?

Karen: Is wearing a mask helpful if you need to go out?

Don: Does already having a pneumonia shot help?

Marcie: My husband flew back from Switzerland. He is self-isolating with me. We need some groceries. How soon is it safe for me to go?

You can submit new questions to us for our next Q&A at or click here

We are answering them in the order in which we receive them.

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